Discipline & Guidance

Discipline & Guidance


The Discipline and Guidance Committee follows the principle of ‘Love Education, Iron Discipline’, hoping to create a safe, caring and student-centered learning atmosphere. 


  1. To ensure teaching and learning activities are carried out in a safe and orderly environment
  2. To instill self-discipline and good citizenship into students
  3. To nurture students to become caring individuals at school and in the community
  4. To encourage students to see the positive in adversities through value education


The Discipline and Guidance Committee adopts preventive and developmental approaches to implement a life education curriculum. The curriculum aims to strengthen students’ social, communication and problem-solving skills, fostering their healthy growth.


The Discipline and Guidance Committee formulates policies and reviews them regularly, ensuring stakeholders understand and recognize the school’s disciplinary and guidance tasks.


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Our commendation policy aims at recognizing students with good behaviours. Through commendation, the Discipline and Guidance Committee rewards students who serve the school and the community, and also those participate in activities actively.
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Student Leaders

Prefect Team
Prefects assist teachers to maintain discipline and order at school. Through daily duties and training programmes, prefects’ leadership and communication skills are polished.

Peer Counselling Scheme
Student leaders are trained to organize activities for their younger brothers and sisters at school, creating close bonds between students across forms and ethnicities. It is hoped that through student-led activities, students’ leadership skills would be enhanced.


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