Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities


We place great emphasis on co-curricular activities as to promote all-round education and leadership qualities among all students. We hope to let students learn, explore and put into practice so as to develop their talents through a wide range of activities throughout the year outside classrooms. 

School Teams

From performing on stage to competing in territory wide contests, our school teams have made remarkable achievements every year. 

School Teams include: 

  • Choir
  • Brass Band
  • Drama Team
  • Chinese Debate Team
  • Cheerleading Team
  • Basketball Team 
  • Football Team
  • Athletics Team
  • Cricket Team 
  • Hockey Team 
  • Swimming Team
  • Volleyball Team
  • Rugby Team

Uniform Groups and Service Associations

Through training and both in-school and community services, members learn to collaborate with others and are trained to be “humble leaders”. 

Uniform Groups and Service Associations include:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Guides
  • Road Safety Patrol Unit
  • Red Cross
  • Volunteer Service Team
  • Library Club
  • Campus TV
  • Prefect Team
  • Multicultural Ambassador Group


Clubs are led by our student committee members. They organize various subject-related activities in various school events. Students’ leadership and collaborative skills are to be enhanced throughout their high engagements.

Clubs include:

  • Chinese Club
  • English Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Science Club
  • Technology Club
  • Humanity Club
  • Art Club
  • PE Club

Interest groups

We provide different interest groups each year to cater for students’ diverse interests. Student with passion could initiate an interest group in by making proposal to the school. 

Interest Groups include:

  • Wushu Class
  • Fencing Class
  • Taekwondo Class
  • Mixed Martial Arts Group
  • Japanese Class
  • Magic Class
  • Ice skating class

Students’ Associations

Our committee members of Students’ Welfare Association and Houses are highly committed leaders in school. They are in charge of holding various events so as to build a platform for students to grow and explore together. 

Students’ Associations include:

  • Students' Welfare Association
  • Houses

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