Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education

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Since 2003, we initiated the Multicultural Education Curriculum as one of the key learning areas at Delia Hip Wo aiming at establishing an environment that provides equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds. We treasure the uniqueness of our ‘Ethnic-Rich’ background and tradition at DHW, thus aiming to create an empowering school culture and structure which nurtures students’ appropriate values and attitudes for living in this “Global Village”. Our unique multi-racial environment allows us to put extra effort in guiding and equipping our students to become modern civic citizens and co-exist in a world of diversity.


  1. To nurture students’ attitudes and values towards various cultural and ethnic groups
  2. To develop and guide students’ thinking and actions from a multicultural perspective
  3. To increase students’ cultural sensitivity of various ethnic and cultural groups in the classroom, school and community 


We are dedicated to educating students with mutual appreciation and foster appreciative attitudes towards different cultures so as to create a harmonized campus.
Our multicultural education curriculum consists of:

  1. Making use of our multicultural population to promote coordination and collaboration between different ethnicities
  2. A series of Life Education “Harmony in Diversity”
  3. Integration of multicultural elements in our academic subjects
  4. Organizing and participating actively in internal and external multicultural related activities

Annual Multicultural Festival

In view of the universal trend of pressing racial and cultural conflicts of the global village, and the multi-ethnic background of the school, the school strives to promote multicultural education via our annual Multicultural Festival in December. The festival aims to uplift the message of multiculturalism and to propagate multicultural values amongst students and staff.


Since 2006, we have had themes such as Fraternity on Earth, 30 years on, Hipwoism, Half the sky, YOLO 2.0, HW Golden Jubilee, #1W1C, DHW, COD, eMbrace, Mi2Wi, JEDI to devise activity based curriculum to supplement our Multicultural Education in the school.

The use of this approach allowed us to achieve our intended objectives of delivering the message and concept of the Racial Discrimination Ordinance so as to enhance students’ awareness on respecting, accepting and appreciating different cultures of different ethnic groups in the school. 

Our theme for 2021/22 will be “PREACH”. It is an acronym for Preach Racial Equality And Choose Harmony. We hope to encourage students to advocate for equality and peace on campus, the wider society and in the world. We hope our students can exemplify the values of inclusion towards students of different race, religion and values. through the exposure and participation in the organized activities.


Activity snapshots