Civic Education

Civic Education


Our school’s Moral and Civic Education committee coordinate with the school motto to train students to become global citizens who embrace challenges and remain positive amid adversity.

Through life education lessons, interdisciplinary cooperation and off-campus learning activities, students are expected to possess positive attitudes and vital core values in life (i.e. perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national Identity, commitment, integrity, care for others, law-abidingness and empathy).


  1. To build students’ good character traits so that students can achieve whole-person development. 
  2. To develop students’ ability to identify the values embedded, analyse objectively and make reasonable judgement in different issues they may encounter at their developmental stages so that they could take proper action to deal with the challenges in their future life.
  3. To let students foster community and be a global citizen, which encourages and enables students to engage themselves in the community awareness of the shared human experience and makes them messengers of the values they embody.


Students learn different values in a specific Life Education lesson weekly. Also, different subjects nurture student’s attitude and value that a great foundation is built. Different positive values and attitudes are embedded in different subjects, developing students’ cognitive awareness through learning in the classroom.

School ethos and environment implicitly affect students’ behavior and values. School’s values like harmony and principles like perseverance should be reflected by school’s policy and daily activities. Demonstration of the positive values and attitudes is to let students learn gradually in daily school life.

Participating in the community to serve others is not only the ending point but also the starting point. Our school provides different opportunities for students to do social services, to nurture responsibility and commitment. Multicultural Festival and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination activities are held every year. Through these activities, students can strengthen their positive values and be confident in taking up more responsibilities and facing future challenges.


Activity highlights

Humanitarian Education Centre “Warzone 90”
In this 90-minutes long journey, our students stepped into a ruthless battlefield to experience the taste of despair, as well as the glimpse of hope. This exploration program adopt a 4E’s education pattern – Explore, Experience, Exchange and Engage. This assists the participants to build up humanitarian perspectives, instil a sense of humanitarian care and take humanity into action in order to answer the ever-changing humanity challenges, to bring hope for the sufferers and practice a humanitarian mission of protect human lives, care for the vulnerable and respect human dignity.


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association “Experimental Workshop”
Through the experiential workshop, students were able to see elderly from a novel perspective by experiencing a simulated life journey. In the process, students had more inspiration and understanding of their life journey, be able to accept being old and treasure time, have empathy and respect for the elderly.

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The Community Chest Flag Day

Our school have mobilized students to participate in “The Community Chest Flag Day” targeted to raise fund for the Chest’s 163 member agencies which provide a wide range of social services to benefit over 2.5 million needy in Hong Kong. Encouragingly, our school has received two champion awards, namely “Most supportive award” and “Best performance award”.

National Education


The National Education committee integrates the education of the Constitution, the Basic Law and the national security through the cooperation of different subjects and different learning experience, to establish students’ national identity and enhance students’ national identity, and the understanding of Chinese history and culture.


  1. Improve students' understanding of Hong Kong and the country, deepen their understanding of the Constitution, the Basic Law and "One Country, Two Systems", and establish and strengthen their national identity and sense of responsibility.
  2. Broaden students’ horizon, strengthen students' awareness and attention to the development of modern China, and help students build a sense of belonging to the country and nation.
  3. Strengthen students' understanding of Chinese history and culture, learn Chinese virtues, cultivate national qualities and students' feelings for the country.
  4. Non-Chinese speaking students can deepen their understanding of China, cultivate an attitude of mutual respect, and build a harmonious and inclusive community.

Curriculum design and policy

The National Education Committee promotes Basic Law education and national security education, with enrichment curriculum in various learning areas or cross-learning areas, and other learning experiences, aiming to establish students’ national identity and strengthen students’ understanding of national rights and obligations.

Learning elements related to national education can be found in the curriculum of different subjects at the junior forms. In the Personal, Social and Humanities Education, Chinese History, which is an independent compulsory subject, allows junior students to recognize the fact that Hong Kong as part of China, and the background of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy. 

Moreover, Integrated Humanities help students to understand the importance, philosophy and concept of the Basic Law. In the senior forms, students will continue to study the national education in Citizenship and Social Development/ Liberal Studies (core subjects), as well as related elective subjects such as History, Economics and Geography.

In order to strengthen students' learning of Chinese history and Chinese culture, the study of Chinese history and Chinese culture can provide students with basic knowledge and values, allowing them to understand their own country and its development, and thereby establish a national identity.
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Basic Law and National Education Activities

Our school strengthens students’ awareness of the Chinese Constitution, the Basic Law and the national security issues in China through a wide range of interactive activities so as to gradually deepen their understanding of the country and national identity.
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