Curriculum Overview

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Our Learning and Teaching Philosophy

Our school curriculum aims at equipping students with essential life-long learning experiences for whole person quality development in the areas of ethics, intellect, physical development, social skills and aesthetics, so as to prepare students to become 'active, responsible, and contributing members of society, the nation and the world'

Helping students to 'learn how to learn' by cultivating positive values, attitudes, and a commitment to life-long learning as well as developing generic skills to acquire and construct knowledge constitutes a major part in the curriculum. This echoes with the Curriculum Development Council.

The school curriculum should help students to learn how to learn through cultivating positive values, attitudes, and a commitment to life-long learning; develop generic skills to acquire and construct knowledge, which are essential for whole-person development to cope with challenges of the 21st century. 

A quality curriculum for the 21st century should therefore set the directions for teaching and learning through a coherent and flexible framework which could be adaptable to changes and different needs of students and schools.

Medium of Instruction

We offer both English and Chinese as the medium of instructions. Students will be allocated to study in the respective medium with reference to their previous academic background, personal preference and language competency. For some classes, students from Mainland China and students from ethnic groups will be mixed together in a class, in order to enhance interaction between the two. For Chinese students whose English proficiency is outstanding, they will be offered a choice to use English as the medium of instruction for some subjects while the same for the ethnic minority groups. In addition, given the background of diverse ethnic groups, English, Putonghua and Cantonese have become languages of communication in students’ daily school life.

Subjects offered

Junior forms (S1 - S3)

English Language
The English Language Education curriculum framework aims to build on existing good practices in English Language teaching in Hong Kong. It also makes suggestions on ways to provide students with wider access to meaningful and effective language learning experiences that will enable them to meet the needs and challenges of society.

In our language classrooms, considerable emphasis is placed on helping learners master the language forms (including vocabulary, text-types, grammar items and structures), communicative functions, skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, we provide opportunities for practice of these elements in meaningful and authentic contexts while meeting the needs of students’ learning and cultural needs. We emphasize on enhancing learners’ experiences by providing a language-rich environment, through:
  • provision of greater opportunities for purposeful communication both inside and outside the classroom;
  • making use of learner-centered instruction to encourage learner independence;
  • making greater use of literary or imaginative texts (i.e. language arts) to develop critical thinking and encourage free expression and creativity; and
  • promotion of language development strategies , values and attitudes that are conducive to effective, independent and lifelong learning.

Core & Elective Subjects offered

Senior forms (S4 - S6)

English Language

English Language


English Literature

Elective (*Only available for current S6 students)